Waiting Line Brouhaha, Part 2 — A Prequel.

waitinglinePlease Click Here and read Part 1 before reading this.

When I arrived there were about 10 people in line. For this place, that’s a long line. I know the line moves slow here, so I said to the guy at the end of the line, “Gosh, this is a very long line. I think I’ll come back another day.” He replied, “It’s moving pretty good today.” So, I stayed.

A minute of so later a young woman walked in and joined a guy midway forward in line. A short while after that two young girls join the guy who, in Part One, was later joined by the middle aged lady and the chap with whom I had the encounter. A few minutes after this a young man arrives and joins a young woman in front of the first woman who’d come in late.

So, once the guy with the two children in Part One arrived, all these people had been added to a line I’d been waiting in for 10 minutes. And, he was the fourth person to join this same chap at the head of the line. It takes 1-2 minutes to serve a customer there, so collectively these people added about 8-12 minutes to the wait time of a line I was originally going to walk away from, because it was too long to begin with.

Does this change your mind about who you thought was behaving badly at the end of Part One? If so, why?

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~ by aloony on November 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “Waiting Line Brouhaha, Part 2 — A Prequel.”

  1. Huh.. did the people who were working there do or say anything?

  2. No. It’s been my experience whenever there are conflicts between customers, the workers and proprietors of all establishments ignore them hoping not to get involved. And, if they decide they must get involved they call the cops and blame both parties equally regardless of how obvious one person is the provocateur and the other simply defending.

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