Waiting Line Brouhaha – Part 1


I’m relating this anecdote in two parts and asking you to decide which person, if either, was out of line (pun intended). I’m posting this because I’m really not sure who was behaving the least civilly, me or the other guy. I’m interested in what others think

Please don’t read the second part until you have decided your answer to part one, and please don’t post comments until you’ve both parts. I’ll post part two tomorrow

Recently I went to a sandwich shop to pick up a sandwich for lunch.

At this place you go through a single file serving line. As your turn arrives you tell servers, in an assembly line fashion, your choices for each many ingredients and options you want on your sandwich.

I’ve been waiting in a moderately long line (for this place) with about 8 people ahead of me now who’re waiting to been served. A middle age lady walks in and joins the person who will be served next – that is, joins the person at the front of the line. I say nothing. About 30 seconds later a 30ish man arrives with two children of about 8 years in tow, and joins the same people. I say in a moderate tone “The end of the line is back there.” He ignores me. So I say in a louder voice “Uh, pardon me. The end of the line is back here.” At this point he turns and begins making sarcastic remarks. About that time a lady who was already being served said to me “Oh, he’s my husband.” I say, “I didn’t figure he was a stranger.”

At this point he says “Okay, I’ll just have my friend order for us,” left the line and walked up to me and began hurling ugly insults. He threw in “Whatever happened to southern hospitality?” To which I replied “It doesn’t apply to rude people who jump line.” More insults, followed by, “I was in line a few minutes ago and left to do something.” I reply, “I was in line day-before-yesterday and left. Does that put me ahead of you?” More insults, followed by, “It’s people like you who are coarsening society.”

I wanted to ask, ‘I wonder who’s coarsening society most — people who jump line or people who point out line jumpers?’ But, he seemed to have wound down, so discretion prevailed.

The End, Part One.

I tried to be accurate/neutral, but I’m sure I must have presented this in a light favorable to me. The question is, who was out of line here? Decide before reading part 2.


~ by aloony on November 10, 2006.

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