the “check” out line — scenario #2

10 items or less-rSame woman from “check” out line scenario #1 , but this time she’s in the “10 Items. Cash Only” line because it’s shorter. She only has one item. Because of the nature of this line she has 2 people ahead of her, but again, unaware she’ll have to pay for the gum she repeats her act from scenario #1 and reach for her purse only after her 27¢ total shows on the register.

Express lines attract inconsiderate people who want to cash checks. By buying only a pack of gum they get out quicker. Grocers don’t enforce the no checks or 10 item limit. Presumably because they don’t want to upset the cheaters, somehow worried that rude people, intimdators and bullies won’t come back, while courteous people are mild mannered and will tolerate the boors, and return to be crapped on again and again without complaint. Besides, if they do their job they’ll have to confront the rude a**holes who will likely hose them over for deigning to point out the antisocial behavior — and that’s stressful. Whereas, if they ignore these nasties, the odds of trouble from the silently suffering is small. Years ago I used to go to the store manager and ask them to do something about the problem. There replies were so insipid I can no longer remember them.

I think most people are shopping there because it’s the most convenient place to shop, and only unreasonable people will go somewhere else, cutting off their nose to spite their face. So, asking the rude and inconsiderate to get in the correct line will only drive away unreasonable people, and who wants unreasonable customers anyway.

THIS JUST IN: I may have met the champion checkout line inconsiderate. I was at the big box home center and a guy did the “wait ’til everything else is complete to reach for his checkbook” trick. But, he topped this off with an astounding bookkeeping act. I’m not sure what all he was doing, but he leaned over, engulfing the checkout counter while he updated god know how many records. He did the check register and some other page in the first checkbook, then pulled out another checkbook and made copious notes in it, then went to some other kind of record book and made a lot of notes in it. I only started timing him when he started on the second checkbook but after that point he was on top of that counter for 2 minutes 20+ second. This must have made three and a half minutes he held the checkout counter hostage.

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~ by aloony on November 7, 2006.

One Response to “the “check” out line — scenario #2”

  1. What really gets me are those individuals who chat on the cellphone while the cashier is ringing up their total and then once thats done, decided that they need to make a quick run to the ATM for cash leaving everyone in line waiting for their return…just happened to me yesterday

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