god, what a slooooow, cranky & frustrating website

i can’t understand how this outfit stays in the blog business. i’ve been working on this blog off and on for about 4 days. first, it is almost always slooooooooooow to do any action. often its actions (saves for example) just time out and I have to go away and come back another time. frequently these actions fail completely and you get messages like

503 Service Unavailable



We just got a “503 error”. Please try refreshing the page

of course refreshing never works and whatever you’ve done, no matter how long it took, is lost. and if, as happened to me just now, you are in the process of reconfiguring your blog presentation you have to walk away with a godawful mess representing you, until this cranky site starts working again

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~ by aloony on November 6, 2006.

One Response to “god, what a slooooow, cranky & frustrating website”

  1. WordPress is only a year and a half old or shall we say “young”. Currently new servers are being brought on line to deal with the influx and many backend adjustments are being made as well.
    I use a third party off-line editor called BlogDesk and as a result I can publish my posts even when others are having problems. Quite aside from that I always have a back-up copy in BlogDesk in case something goes wrong. 😉

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